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Charterleague will cost 10 to play for the 2008/09 season.  8 will go toward the league competition, while 2 will go toward the knockout trophy competition.  Entrants will have automatic entry to both competitions.  Unlike previous seasons, the Charterleague Trophy will be an improved format and only finalists will win prize money.


All players allocated a home fixture must select a home team from the official list published on this website only.  Likewise, all players allocated an away fixture must select an away team.  Players should make their selection in the manner advised on the main page.  The only exception are neutral venue games where the rules will be clarified alongside the fixture.  For neutral venue games, the teams will be selected and handed to me and selected teams will not be disclosed to participants until both submissions have been made.  No changes of team selection will be allowed.  If I am involved, I will be required to pick my team first.  If I don't, then my magic number will be played.


Selections will be valid if received by kick off time.  You can change your selection as long as it is before kick off time, the only exception being neutral venue games (see above).  If your selection is late, it will be invalid (no exceptions).  Late selections will revert to the selection made directly previous, or if no other selections were made your magic number will be used to make a selection for you.  Similarly, if no selection is made or your selection is invalid, your magic number will make a selection for you.


If a player's selection has his match postponed or abandoned then the Charterleague fixture will be postponed and a revised fixture will be created.  All revised league fixtures and cup matches will be posted at least five days before they take place, so players are encouraged to visit this website regularly.


League places and trophy group places will be determined by points first, goals scored second, goal difference third, and results between the affected teams fourth.  If no conclusion can be drawn, shall be used.  Three tests will be made before the fourth randomisation will decide.


Only goals before full time will count.  Extra time goals DO NOT count.  Knockout fixtures that end in a draw will simply go to a replay.


The league programme will be generated using a computerised randomiser.  Firstly the teams will be randomised and then the structured fixture list will be randomised, therefore ensuring no favouritism toward any team or any order of fixtures.  Similarly, cup draws will be made using a computerised randomiser.


If Charterleague makes an official decision about any incident that any competitor objects to then the ultimate decision will be made via a vote by all league members excluding myself and the party/parties involved.  If a conclusion cannot be made from this then I will cast the deciding vote.  Any decision made from this course of events will be final.


100% of all received application money goes into the prize fund.  Charterleague has no desire to generate any profit from this competition this season.


Any team that is expelled from the Charterleague will receive the amount of application money back that they could have gained back at the time of expulsion.  Charterleague will be very unlikely to allow that manager to play again in the future, as expulsion will always be a last resort and will only be expected to take place in extreme circumstances.


Important - Make your selection as early as possible.  If "angelfire"* is down (although unlikely), the Charterleague will not be responsible for this and although selections can be made via text message to 07963218530, you must take full responsibility for your selections.  Charterleague is of the thinking that if competitors care enough about making their selection, then they will make sure it has been officially recognised.  Charterleague advises its players to make their selection by the day before the game to avoid such issues.  Remember, it's meant to be fun!


Charterleague cannot be held responsible if selections are not made by the suggested methods.  These being, or 07963218530.  Selections can be revised if the competitor can prove in a definite fashion that they made every attempt to select via these methods.


*angelfire is the host of this website